BabySimplify launches at Startup Weekend

Expecting or new parents have often found themselves confused or even frustrated about what to buy for their newborn child. With the hundreds of websites devoted to selling items for newborn children, sometimes it’s hard to determine what you should or shouldn’t buy.

BabySimplify takes the mystery out of shopping for these items. Launched a few moments ago at Startup Weekend. “New parents are overwhelmed by the choices available to them, as well as the suggestions they receive from friends and relative. At it’s core, the purpose of the BabySimplify is to help you determine what you need”, said Gavin Schulz, one of the developers who worked on the site. “First-time visitors to our site are prompted to fill out a short survey that asks questions about the size of your living quarters, your budget and whether or not you’re a first time parent. Based on the answers, our site makes suggestions for what you should consider purchasing and what you should avoid.”

BabySimplify is an interesting concept in that their platform connects you with other parents to help make buying decisions easier, and keeps you up to speed on which items you’ll need as your child grows.

More to come as StartupWeekend Toronto continues.